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Three coach operators based in East Anglia have launched a website to recruit trainee coach drivers.

Galloway Coach Travel, Stephensons of Essex and NIBS have launched, which is designed to raise awareness of the industry as a career for people with customer service skills looking for a change in direction.

The homepage asks: “The chores of stacking the aisles? Or driving the shores of the Scottish Isles?”

Potential drivers can apply to work with one of the three operators through the website, which also has frequently asked questions.

It’s supported by pay-per-click advertising, social media and advertising on recruitment sites such as Indeed. The three companies are hoping to recruit 20 new drivers this year.

Bill Hiron, Director of all three companies, says: “It’s well known within the industry that we need to find innovative solutions to attract new, younger customer-focused recruits, and I’m very hopeful this initiative will help us in the coming months.”

Dean Robbie, General Manager, adds: “In a world with so many opportunities, we have to work harder to attract new applicants. We need to sell the benefits of job flexibility, long-term career stability and a great view from your window every day.

“We hope the new website will help to get across to anyone thinking of switching career what a role with us entails.”

The website also offers information for existing drivers to apply for positions within the three companies.

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