Bath Circus bans coaches after campaign

South Lakeland town launches driver scheme
June 2019

Coaches have been banned from parading tourists through one of Bath’s most iconic Georgian streets.

The intervention follows a 20-year campaign by the Circus Area Residents Association (CARA) after the vehicles were displaced from the Royal Crescent.

Under the experimental new order, unauthorised coaches will be banned from The Circus and the surrounding area.

The city’s open-top sight-seeing buses will still be able to use the route, as will coaches and buses with a legitimate reason.

CARA Vice Chairman, Richard Brown, says: “We’re delighted it’s coming in. We’re happy the council has responded to our concerns. It’s all about enforcement.

“Four hundred different coach companies use our streets. It has increased traffic flow and caused parking problems. They park illegally and create pollution that discolours the historic buildings and affects residents’ health.

“The ban is something residents and the residents’ association have campaigned on for years.”

As coaches typically drive through Bath and on to Bradford-on-Avon or Stonehenge, he hopes the result will be that they spend more money in the city.

“Unless they get off the coach, Bath doesn’t benefit. We want our city to be a healthy, vibrant society,” he says.

The ban is in place all day, every day, along the entire lengths of Gay Street, The Circus, Upper Church Street, Crescent Lane, Gloucester Street, Rivers Street, Russell Street, Bennett Street, Circus Place, River Street Mews, Catherine Place, Brock Street and Royal Crescent.

At the moment it is an experimental order that could be made permanent.

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